Our Story

Headquartered in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Ecoplus Group is involved in the manufacturing and trading of high-quality face masks. Since our founding in 2017, we seize the opportunity to address healthcare's most complicated challenges – now, and in the future.



Essential to Care

We deliver products and solutions to improve the lives of people every day. In an effort to meet market demands throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, we have been manufacturing 24.48 million masks annually through four production lines. We offer industry expertise on the most comfortable disposable face mask and an expanding portfolio of safe, effective products that improve quality, manage costs and reduce complexity.


Improving People’s Lives with Innovation

Since the pandemic outbreak, medical grade face masks have undeniably become a necessity. We believe the things that no one talks about are the ones that need the most attention – to recognize the challenge of wearing the medical grade mask as a habit and to wear it beautifully. 


As we aspire to be one of the most trusted best medical-grade face mask brands, we build upon our scale and heritage by launching heyday™, a mask brand and innovator of a high-quality mask with advanced performance for proven protection, enhanced comfort and yet affordable. Inspired by the world community, our family of products includes multi-colour, surgical-grade face masks that suit your aesthetic for all occasions.


Our innovative culture and modern product development teams power the evolution of our commercial products with proven technology and certified protection. Heyday™ is made with premium materials that filter out dust, bacteria and pollen effectively. The latest Water Electret Meltblown Filtration Technology, providing higher protection and the most breathable experience. They are lightweight, easy to breathe through, and feature high elastically 4mm flat ear loops for a more secure and comfortable fit. 


Proven and Certified Innovation

This medical grade face mask is certified by the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA) and tested to meet the requirements of EN14683:2019 Type IIR and ASTM F2100 Level 3. The best medical-grade face masks are thus breathing/splash resistant, and flammable, meeting the requirements of the quality management for medical devices. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and has BFE/PFE/VFE>99%, tested by SGS and TÜV lab.